Tax Services

We focus on bringing a unique perspective to each situation that maximizes tax efficiencies, benefits, and peace of mind around the entire tax process.

Tax headaches are common, no matter your situation, and are often the result of misinformation, ignorance, or oversight.

For example – have you kept up with changes to tax laws? Are you utilizing all of the deductions available to your situation? Are you overlooking state income taxes? Do any other taxes apply, such as franchise taxes? If you do not know or understand these common tax questions, we are ready to help.

Tax time is stressful for individuals and businesses alike. Most people do not think about taxes until the deadline looms, which can result in lost opportunities for tax savings from strategic decisions implemented throughout the year. Why? There wasn’t a tax strategy in place to support your personal or professional financial goals.

Whether you are a franchisee, growing a business, or an individual with a complex portfolio or significant life changes, Heath Stafford’s comprehensive tax services provide the clarity you need to move forward with focus. Our team will expertly deliver tailored tax strategies and year-round planning that support your goals – and future-proof your financial plans. 

Heath Stafford CPA PLLC Tax Services offers:

Comprehensive Tax Planning

Including appropriate tax strategies to maximize benefits for individuals or business entities and franchisees.

Tax Return Preparation

Heath Stafford’s expert tax services, including strategic tax planning, application of vital strategies, and professional tax preparation, provide peace of mind through intelligent tax-saving systems that benefit you, your business, and your future.